So let me get this straight: you're disliking tvOS while you haven't actually touched or even seen it. In the article, you say the last time you spent some time on an Apple TV, was on a 3rd generation, which is from 2012. A 3rd gen doesn't even run tvOS (this was introduced on the 4th gen). A lot has changed in 9 years... Saying you dislike tvOS, only having touched a 3rd Gen, is like spending some time on an iPhone 4S with iOS 5, then saying you don't like the iPhone 12 and iOS 14 without even having touched it!

iOS 14 has some great new features, including new Widgets that can be placed on the home screen.

For some of my clients apps we’re using Today Extensions extensively. …

By now, those interested in the new iPhone 12 mini probably all know that the phone’s physical size is going to be slightly smaller than the iPhone 8 and slightly bigger than the 1st gen iPhone SE. To me and lots of others, that sounds perfect. …

Jip van Akker

Full stack iOS / macOS development and iOS consumer and enterprise app distribution consultancy

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